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Speedyman11 leading at Chicagoland (KartRacer63 / HeatFinder)
Speedyman11 leading at Chicagoland (KartRacer63 / HeatFinder)
Speedyman11 Takes the Windy City

Breeze started on the pole with a qualifying lap of 25.456. At the start of the race Breeze took the lead and held off Speedyman11 and KartRacer63 for the opening 13 laps. KartRacer63 stayed out an extra lap during pit stops to led a lap. Speedy then took the lead and seemed untouchable, leading the remaining 26 laps to take the win. Top 5 drivers at the finish line were Speedyman11, KartRacer63, Breeze, BlackKnight and Grumpy.

Join us next week for the final race for the IndyLights at Miami and the Homestead Championship 60 on May 25th. Racing begins at 9pm, ET 1:00 UTC.

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