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NHRL Holiday Derby @ Huntsville Nite


Calling all no-talent NASCAR Heat crashers and imbeciles!

Yes, it's everyone's favorite time of the year again! On Saturday, December 23 at 4:00 PM ET, the normal rules of the NASCAR Heat Racing League will be discarded in their entirety, and substituted with what everyone REALLY wants to do during the holiday season. The league is highly honored to announce its fifth annual Holiday Derby...the one NHRL party where the penalties disappear and the term "bash" applies literally!

On the 23rd, a rabble of petulant, grinch-like imps will be arming up in the Platinum Mod at Huntsville Nite in a hate-fest of greed, survival, and one-upsmanship. And, in the holiday spirit, the event will be open to all, provided that you bring a poor attitude. As usual, those who can't handle the chaos will slink back into their holes and hide. Skip this year's event and you'll be missing an opportunity to make NASCAR Heat history!

Official League Website:

2017 G3 Cup Series Mod:;sa=view;down=979

Huntsville Nite Track:;sa=view;down=1

General Event Information:
Sat Dec 23 @ 4:00 PM ET / 45-60 Minute Duration / 5x Wear Factor / Open Setups / No Rules