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2018 NASCAR Cup Series Mod Coming in February

Photo credit: Chevrolet
Photo credit: Chevrolet

I just got permission from a friend of mine to use his brand new 2018 Camaro ZL1 for our community Cup mod. But so we can get this released to our community ASAP, we will need help from our little community in painting this up with 2018 schemes. If anyone is willing to volunteer to help make this a reality so we can release it sometime in late Feb. Please let us know, so we can begin work on this with vigor. But we need all the skilled painters in our little community to come together to make this a reality. I nor Blaxman cannot possible paint up 43 cars that damn fast.

If you guys really want a Cup 2018 mod we need to band together to make this mod a reality in s a short time.

We have a thread about this going at TMS. So if you have the time, and want to see a 2018 Cup mod please chime in the thread at TMS.

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