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Rookiesrock Edges Out Speedyman11 in a Photo Finish at the 40

Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder

EDIT 2/18/2018: ARL Director DusterLag posted today that the finishing order of this event is still under review by ARL Officials and may yet be changed.

With the 2018 ARL Truck Series underway, the drivers headed to Daytona for the season opener. It was a very close race between everyone. At the end of the first segment, BlackKnight had taken the lead with The_BanditYT right behind in second place. As the green flag dropped and the race continued, Speedyman11 and Rookiesrock were building a substantial lead over the rest of the pack. As the race ended most people thought Speedyman11 had won, but looking over the replay, Rookiesrock nearly beat Speedman11 by 8 thousandths of a second (.008) and took home the win at the series opener.

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