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Photo credit: Bandit / HeatFinder
Photo credit: Bandit / HeatFinder
Bandit Wins With Controversy in the Dreaming in a Dream World 70

The 2019 ARL Modified Series continues on with eight drivers traveling to I-700 for an exciting and action-packed race. Speedyman11 would start on pole, but would drop back to second after a controversial move Bandit made on him. Bandit would win his third ARL Modified Series race in a row. Lepage71 would walk away with third place. BlackKnight and WingSideUp would claim fourth and fifth respectively.

View complete results here and current standings here.

lepage71 Survives Late Skirmish at Miami H
On November 15, the Busch Series strolled into Miami H for the final stage of the 2019 season.
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
ltfireman1604 Gets Second Win in the ARL T-Bone National Series at the Delaware River 80
As the 2019 ARL T-Bone National Series continues on eleven drivers traveled to Dover for an exciting and action-packed race.