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Pack #1 departs as pack #2 has a wild battle. -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder
Pack #1 departs as pack #2 has a wild battle. -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Snakes Through Lap Traffic to Run Away Late in Montgomery

Points race #2 for the Legend Cars headed to the half-mile action track in Montgomery for the first ever wear factor race in series history.

Speedyman11 captured the pole by a narrow margin and would hold the lead through the opening laps. In a surprising race style, this progressive-banking short track ended up creating speedway-like draft packs even with the off-throttle time. In pack #1 was Speedy, lepage71, KartRacer63, and viagra6car. All four cycled through the lead at various times in the opening 40 laps. A racier and slightly looser pack #2 featured GTSVip9, WingSideUp, Bandit, Grumpy, and BlackKnight. This racier style in the second pack created some tricky battles for the leaders when the lapping began. Speedy managed the traffic ideally on worn tires and drifted away from the other front-runners to pick up his second win of the season. viagra6car made a late move on the damaged car of lepage71 for second. After lepage was KartRacer63 and GTSVip9 to finish off the top 5.

Up next, the drivers will exit the pavement and make the annual visit to RallyGrip on 12/19.

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Speedy kept the car on track 100% of the race, with one close call in the final turn -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder
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Speedy continues his season sweep chances at RallyGrip.
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