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Sardian Park 2 Released

SardianPark has received a facelift from my original Sardian release in June 2004 for Heat. The Sardian Park track was originally released in SCGT by ISI in 1999.

The Sky Dome is included in this new version and Sardian Park has been converted to a daytime track from the prior night version. There are no penalty traps in this track and it has rougher grass, deep sand, and slick bumpy grass/berm edging in key areas.

Some of the additional changes include raised curbing, curb sound effects, bumpy track surface in key areas, new texturing throughout, all new trees, improved PitIn and pitroad, many miscellaneous changes, while still trying to retain the feel of the original Sardian atmosphere and great track layout.

I would like to thank Karl/DaveO:
For the detailed suggestions and feedback during testing of various versions of the Sardian Park upgrade. Their detailed analysis for track surface improvements, curb/sand and slick grass locations, etc have all been integrated into the released version. Their efforts revealed many areas that would have been overlooked without those valuable suggestions.

DaveO: for the setups/GCF.

Run a few laps on the original SardianPark prior to running this, it makes the changes much more obvious.


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