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HeatWeb Released - Remotely Manage Your Heat Server

Good news is here, I am proud to announce that the new HeatWeb app is complete and open to the public. Some of you may have been waiting on this sense it was announced in early August but the wait it over.

HeatWeb is a NASCAR Heat Server Web Manager; this app allows you to view logs, restart servers and much more all via a small program installed by the server owner. HW interfaces with the HeatFinder website, if your server is listed on HF you can use this amazing app. It is designed to give server owners the ability to remotely control and manage their Heat servers. Server owners are also able to share this control with other people. Example, A league administrator wants their other admins to be able to resart and view logs for their league server whenever necessary.

To view or install the HeatWeb app log into HeatFinder and visit the Server Manager, if you have a server listed you will see a green HeatWeb button. As always our staff is here to support anyone with any problems simply ask! We are also open to suggestions for upgrades and bugs!

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