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May 2018
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Wins the Bill DeVerville Patch Memorial Charlotte 300
In what could be known as the longest race in ARL Racing history...
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
DusterLag Wins the Patch Charlotte Setup 90
A another close race within the field and pit stops being a key to victory.
Charlotte Charlatans - May 15th
There's a DERBY tonight in Legend Car Heat at Charlotte_LgndN!
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
Rookiesrock Wins the 2018 ARL Racing Patch Cup All-Star Race
It was a very close race, with every segment holding a new surprise for the field.
2018 ARL All-Star Race Format & Information - May 11th @ 9pm ET
The 2018 ARL All-Star Race will be run on Friday, May 11th 2017 at 9pm ET. We will be running under Patch Cup Series race configuration, including the 2018 Platinum G3 Cup Series cars in Hardcore mode
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Wins the Lime Rock Park Tour 90
Another win for Speedyman11 and an increase in his championship standings lead.
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Rookiesrock Takes the Win at the Chicagoland 150
Another great race from all those who attended with Rookiesrock capturing the win.
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Tames the Monster Mile in The Mod Squad 80
As the field made its way to Dover, Speedyman11 wildly fought his way through the field to tame the Monster Mile.
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Rookiesrock Wins Another at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame 170
It was a very close race once again with strategy being a key element in coming out on top.
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Rookiesrock Takes the Victory at the Alabama Talladega 90
The race was very close throughout the field with fuel saving strategies being most important.
2018 NHRL Cup Series Kicks Off May 19th
The 2018 NHRL Cup Series starts on May 18! We look forward to seeing everyone there.