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March 2015 Community Stats Update

The community stats have been updated through March 31st!

Here are some milestones that were reached this month...

Race Winners for the Month of March:

Speedyman11 - 8 Wins
lepage71 - 2 Wins
Donaldson - 1 Win
GTSVip9 - 1 Win
KartRacer63 - 1 Win
ltfireman1604 - 1 Win
Rookiesrock - 1 Win

BlackKnight makes his 700th career Start

Grumpy earns his 900th career Lap Led
Speedyman11 earns his 2,000th career Lap Led
Rookiesrock earns his 16,000th career Lap Led

Congratulations to all drivers on their achievements this month. All other stats can be found @

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