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Speedyman11 Out Classes Field in Long Beach

Speedyman11 out classed the field Sunday night at the Sports Car Showcase in Long Beach. Speedy in the #11 TMS Wolfpack Pontiac captured the pole award by five seconds over Patch, captured the fastest lap award and led every lap of the night while putting the entire field at least one lap down. Patch finished second with puttzracer third, ltfireman1604 fourth and BlackKnight fifth all one lap down.

Speedyman11 lead the driver championship by eighteen points over puttzacer and nineteen over BlackKnight. TMS Wolfpack leads the team championship by nineteen points over NH Autosport. Pontiac picks up their second win and leads the manufacturer championship over Ford by one.

View complete results here. In two weeks Sports Car drivers race the Monterey Grand Prix on Sunday May 3rd at approximately 9:45pm Eastern US following The Mod Squad VTA Series event. Join league drivers the day before, Saturday the 2nd, for the Cup Series KoolGuy500 Talladega 144 event at 9pm Eastern US.

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