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Varying Wear Factor Policy Reversal Takes Effect September 5th & 6th

INTERNET, WWW -- HeatFinder and ARL League Officials announced Sunday evening a wear factor policy change across it's series including the 2015 Cup and Sports Car series'. Beginning with the September 5th ARL Cup race and September 6th ARL Sports Car race varying wear factors will be announced within the 24 hour period prior to the race. Since a change in late February, wear factors have been announced 2-3 days before the event occurred. This policy is a 180 degree reversal of the February change - returning to the policy used throughout the 2014 season's.

League Officials released the following statement: "League Officials met on September 22nd and among other topics discussed the success of our February Wear Factor Announcement policy change. The purpose of this change was to increase the number of drivers able to compete for victories on a weekly basis, potentially allowing more time for drivers to experience practice in a specific situation. It was determined that there has been little gain and in-fact we may have lost ground on our goals. This was not a unanimous opinion but the majority voted to return to the previous policy of announcing wear factors within a 24 hour period prior to an event.

We continue working to improve competition and create new challenges. Running a Normal mode league in NASCAR Heat continues to be a challenge itself, creating new challenges for current drivers while maintaining an easy entry for rookies is difficult. As with our original goal we believe varying the wear factor weekly and announcing this variable just prior to an event will simulate the changing environmental factors real world drivers experience including temperature and tire compound fluctuations. Making the wear announcement the day prior to events simulates the initial practice sessions real world drivers run when they get their first opportunity to test the track with their tires and setups.

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