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2015 OWAction All-Star Race Justin Wilson Memorial Captured by Speedyman11

Three segments later Speedyman11 captured victory at the 2015 OWAction All-Star Race Justin Wilson Memorial! DusterLag followed in second with BlackKnight, Grumpy and KartRacer63 rounding out the top five.

Spike after finishing sixth... "I guess it was a fitting end to an up and down season we had. One of my pit crew members was yammering during race controls directions after the first stint so I didn't get to make many laps up to the leaders. Then I spun and wrecked trying to avoid cars trying to enter pit road in turn 4. Once I got into a rhythm I was pretty fast but just too many laps down and too much damage to be a threat for the win."

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Full results can be found here. Initial planning has begun for a 2015 IndyLights Championship chase, if completed details will be released so keep a look out.

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