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March 2014
Eldora Speedway Provides Competitive & Tight Racing, GTSVip9 Prevails
Donaldson Captures Darlington Victory, Makes Dedication To ROLL TIDE
GTSVip9 Completes Season w/5 Heat & 18 Feature Victories
Patch Captures 2013-14 Grand Prix Series Championship Title; NH Autosport Team Championship
DusterLag Takes Heat, Donaldson Wins Feature Under New Format
GTSVip9 Holds off DusterLag and Dominates at California
Donaldson Returns to Sweep Heat & Features at DRT BH
UPDATE: GTSVip9 Appeals, Penalty Overturned and Win Restored
UPDATE: GTSVip9 Penalized for Speeding, Patch Receives Trophy for Final 2013 Cup Mod Race
GTSVip9 Takes Incredible Victory at Bristol, Lapping Entire Field by 3
Patch Preserves Engine and Captures Sebring Victory
Grumpy Fly's Fastest - Takes Mad Track Derby Victory