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ARL T-Bone National Series
ARL T-Bone National Series
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2021 Daytona 100
Track Daytona International Speedway (Oval)
G3-Daytona ME - Download Track
Date Thursday, February 11th
Time 8:45pm EST
Length 40 Laps / 100 Miles
Style 2.5 Paved Super Speedway
Setups Normal
T-Bone Championship Night 80
1 Speedyman11 Winner
2 Rookiesrock -0.323
3 viagra6car -17.750
Official Final
1 Speedyman11
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
2 Rookiesrock
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
3 viagra6car
Independent Ford
4 DusterLag
NH Autosport: Team Orange Chevrolet
5 Bandit
Winston Tire Smokers Pontiac
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