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Patch Cup Series
Patch Cup Series
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Rockingham UK Tour
Track RockUK Oval ARL
Date Saturday, June 16th
Time 9:45pm EDT
Length 90 Laps / 133 Miles
Style 1.479 Paved Speedway
Setups Open
Great Lakes 170
1 Speedyman11 Winner
2 lepage71 -12.383
3 DusterLag -14.319
As of: Great Lakes 170
1 Speedyman11
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
2 BlackKnight
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
3 ltfireman1604
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
4 KartRacer63
NH Autosport: Team Orange Chevrolet
5 The_BanditYT
Team Crunchy Roll Pontiac
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