ARL IndyCar Series
2017 Season Results
Event Track Winner Date
1 California Kickoff 120 G3-Autoclub ME Speedyman11 March 15th, 2017
5th Annual Nurburgring Nordschleife Challenge Nordschleife DusterLag March 29th, 2017
2 Grand Prix of Long Beach Long Beach GP Speedyman11 April 12th, 2017
3 Grand Prix of Alabama BirminghamCldy Speedyman11 May 3rd, 2017
4 Phoenix Grand Prix G3-Phoenix ME Speedyman11 May 3rd, 2017
5 Indy Grand Prix G3-IndyRC GA DusterLag May 17th, 2017
Indianapolis 200 Time Trials G3-Indy ME DusterLag May 24th, 2017
6 Indianapolis 200 G3-Indy ME DusterLag May 31st, 2017
7 Grand Prix de Montreal Montreal IRL Wet DusterLag June 7th, 2017