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ARL Racing is a NASCAR Heat based multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds. We run full year hardcore and arcade style competitive events in Hardcore mode with open setups and in Normal mode with no need for setups. Our unique series feature events on stock car ovals, road courses and dirt tracks.
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Truck Series
Short Round 110
Friday, March 23rd 8pm EDT
T-Bone National Series
Illinois 80
Saturday, March 24th 8:15pm EDT
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Patch Cup Series
Patch Cup Series
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Nashville Country 150
Track NashvilleFG
Date Saturday, March 24th
Time 9:45pm EDT
Length 150 Laps / 89 Miles
Style 0.596 Paved Short Track
Setups Open (Download)
Golden Gate 150
1 Speedyman11 Winner
2 KartRacer63 -0.094
3 DusterLag -0.282
As of: Golden Gate 150
1 Speedyman11
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
2 KartRacer63
NH Autosport: Team Orange Chevrolet
3 ltfireman1604
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
4 BlackKnight
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
5 JessRathbun
Independent Ford
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Wins the Golden Gate 150 in a Final Lap Shootout
As the green flag dropped the caution flag came out soon after turn one. Full article >>
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Takes Home Another Victory at the North Carolina 170
Another great race at Rockingham with Speedyman11 taking pole and going on to win the race. Full article >>
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Wins the Georgia Peaches 150
For the second week in a row there was a caution heavy event, with 12 cautions thrown over the course of the race. Full article >>
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder BlackKnight Wins the Daytona 200 Presented by Patch
As the race went underway for the 2018 season, caution flags were all over the place. Full article >>